25 People’s arrested for accessing Government land in Alebtong District


The territorial command in Alebtong District has in custody 25 suspects apprehended on allegations of illegally gaining access to Awei Government Prison land, digging it and planting crops.

It's alleged that on the 30th March 2023, the OC Prison Awei Prison reported to Police that group of people were digging and planting crops in their Land

Hence immediately the DPC and his team responded and confirmed many people, unfortunately all were armed with pangas, spears, clubs and hoes and refused to leave the farm and instead became very violent an indication that they knew they were on the wrong, they went a head and assaulted some police officers.

However we managed to arrest 18 men and 7 females totalling to 25 suspects, all were taken to Alebtong District CPS in custody.

Dangerous weapon recovered and exhibited.
It was established that Mr. Ongom Okwel the former aspirant for area MP, Odongo Francis GISO of Awei Sub-County and Mr. Pila Moses LCI of Tegar village were the brain behind inciting and mobilizing community members.
Cases of Criminal Trespass, inciting violence and assaulting police officers on duty has been registered at CPS Alebtong.
Investigation is ongoing

We appeal to the locals to respect land allocated to Government Prison by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industry and Fisheries to be as one way the government can increase in food supply in the country.

By Arao Denis

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