35 years old woman arrested in Dokolo district for dumping a baby in the bush.

Police at Dokolo Central Police Station are holding a 35 year old woman on allegation of dumping her newly born child in the bush.

According to report, Sandra Amola a resident of Amuli cell, Eastern Ward in Dokolo Town Council started experiencing labor pain but when she was being prepared to take her to the hospital, her family members found that she had already given birth but had stuffed pieces of cloths in her stomach to disguise as a pregnant woman.

When asked about the incident Amola told people that she gave birth yesterday in the morning but had dumped the baby in the bush.

An attempt by her family members and local community to search for the baby in the nearby bush and pit latrine was futile.

This prompted them to arrest Amola and hand her to police at Dokolo for questioning.

The Vice chairperson LCI of Amuli Cell Moses Okwanga said upon arrest police brought Amola to try to search for the baby but they too failed to get it.

By Arao Denis

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