Cultural leaders asked to promote unity, harmony and peace among themselves.

1st. 09. 2022
Northern uganda

         The paramount chief of te  kwaro asked and called for unity, love and Harmony among cultural leaders. 

    The  Te kwaro lango paramount chief under the leadership of Dr. Eng. Moses Micheal Odongo Okune asked called for unity, love and Harmony among cultural leaders. 

  Odongo Okune made this during the cabinets meeting for Ministers and some of the clan leaders held at his home in senior Quarters in lira city East Division for discussing and preparation of Corontion ceremony of new seven clan leaders. 

  Okune said that, The conflicts among some of leaders in Lango are affecting the development were he asks leader to be propelling agricultural production amongst their subject to fight poverty among the people of lango

   A mong  the resolution the meeting came out with includes Offering more Bursaries and Scholarships for students in Lango, Holding cultural festival by the end of the year, Embracing and expanding tree planting projects, streamlining te kwaro lango SACCOs, Fostering unity among others. 

The paramount chief revealed that te kwaro lango is ready to support Agricultural sectors and Education , He also asked parents to offer Moral guidance to their children to mould them in to responsible citizens and also urged the schools going children's to put God's first whatever they are doing for a bright future. 

  He also called for further investigation about the death of the late Ogwang the former CAO who was killed by unknown people asking Government to take up the move and makes sure that justice prevail.

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