NEMA Slashed down crops from wetlands in Kole district


The national environmental management Authority (NEMA) that are working together with environmental protection Police Unit has slashed down maize crops plantation that belongs to the chairman LC5,Kole District Andrew Moses Awany.

 Following the exercise that took place yesterday, The kole residents district commissioner Ms Caroline Angolere says that was a directive from president Museveni who does not want any citizen to encroach on the wetlands.

 The crops that were destroyed by NEMA, from the wetland according to their statement belong to the district chairman of kole Andrew Moses Awany.

     Awany says this is a political witch Hunt and his farm was not in the wetland, meanwhile the same exercise also took place last year in Otuke district where NEMA Slashed down rices which was also been planted in the wetland.

By Arao Denis

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