Over 50 mosques in Lango split from UMSC to join Kibuli faction.

“The leadership of at least 59 out of 89 mosques in Lango have joined Supreme Mufti Shiek Shaban Galabuzi of Kibuli mosque having split up from Uganda Muslim Supreme Council led by Mufti Shiek Ramadhan Mubajje whose headquarter is in Old Kampala.

Shiek Yusuf Balinda the imam of Faizan Madina Mosque (Lira P7 Mosque) will now assume the position of the Supreme Kadhi of Lango Muslim district, alongside appointed secretaries.

This means Balinda will now lead a different faction from that of Shiek Isaque Nangoye the district kadhi of Lango Muslim district under Uganda Muslim Supreme council.

Speaking at Faizan Madina Mosque, shiek Balinda said Uganda Muslim supreme council has not been supporting them but at the same time has been fighting them, citing property wrangles, illegal appointment of Lango Muslim district kadhi among others.

Balinda said they have now left the Uganda Muslim supreme council and have joined the Supreme Mufti Galabuzi of Kibuli mosque. He said they will continue to protect their property at Lira P7 mosque and all the other mosques.

Matom Fahad the legal officer in the office of the supreme mufti welcomed Balinda and leadership of 59 mosques that crossed to the faction led by the Supreme mufti and pledged to protect their rights, welfare and property.”

“County sheik of Dokolo Abduswamad Farjalla said their split off from Uganda muslim supreme council will attract better opportunities for them.

Farida Okeng the former women leader of Lango Muslim district council accused UMSC of discrimination against some sections of Muslims.

During his visit to Lira, the Mufti of Uganda Muslim Supreme council Shiek Mubajje Shaban sacked the northern Uganda regional Khadi together with shiek Balinda and moved to replace him as imam of Faizan Madina Mosque but the person who was sent to replace Balinda was chased away by Muslims.

Shiek Mubajje argued that the duo was not working in line with Islamic principles.”

By Arao Denis

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