THE biggest problem and enemy number one facing the people of Lango sub region irrespective of their differences is poverty which everyone must join hands to fight.

The Lango Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) Eng. Dr Michael Moses Odongo Okune says poverty knows no clan, religion, party color or status and so the people, must join hands to alleviate it.

Okune also says disease, which attacks everyone rich or poor alike is another big challenge always triggered by poverty and urges the leadership at various levels to step up efforts.

“…we all fall sick whether in big positions or a common person in the village so let our leaders come out with strategic and timely interventions that can make life better…”, he appealed.

He says many families cannot sustain their children in school to get quality education, others cannot afford to take their family members to private health facilities because of poverty.

“…many of our people including expectant mothers die because they do not have the money while many youth simply struggle without a breakthrough even when they have wealthy relatives…”,Okune observed.

This in his message ahead of World Day of the Poor due this Sunday 13 November, established by the Roman Catholic Church led by the Holy Pope six years ago in 2016.

World Day of the Poor was established by Pope Francis in his Apostolic Letter Titled: Misericordia et Miser”, which means Mercy With Misery and has since 2017 been marked every year on the 33rd Sunday.

The day emphasizes Mercy for all the least, last and lost and especially the poor and vulnerable like the voiceless, oppressed, discriminated, People with Disabilities, Widows and orphans, among others in society.

Okune is urging believers to use the day to rethink and redesign practical approaches on how to support the poor saying it’s ungodly for individuals to take advantage of the vulnerable.

“…I plead with you to not only pray but to develop a kind hand to have compassion by supporting the poor in any way possible so that they also enjoy the fruits of God’s blessings…” he implored.

By Arao Denis

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