Police to summon Hotel owners for defying fireworks guide lines in lira city.

The North Kyoga regional police have summoned owners of hotels and entertainment place to record a statement over defying police guidelines while displaying fireworks.

It is alleged that while crossing to the New Year, some of the owners of hotel allowed fireworks display to go past the five minutes which was given by the police.

North Kyoga regional police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema confirmed the development during a press briefing on Monday that some fireworks display went for 15 minutes while others even more.

Okema said that during the issuing of the guidelines, it was directed that no fireworks display should go for more than five minutes but others with their authority went for over the stipulated time.

He says each of these places should go and record a statement on why they have defied the guidelines issued in the clearance letter.

Police also summons those companies that were given the authority to display fireworks at different points to also record a statement as to why they have gone beyond the time they were directed to do so.

Police now wants their officers who were deployed on the ground to write a report on the reason as to why they didn’t stop the display of fireworks beyond the stipulated time frame. He said that this could be the weaknesses of the police officers because they should have called off the display.

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