President Museveni is expected in Lango.

President Museveni is expected to witness the fourth coronation of lango paramount chief, “Won Nyaci”. Schedule on the 2rd, November, 2024.

The central organizing committee for the November 2nd, coronation  announced that the cultural event would cost at least 2.8b to make it colourful.

Speaking at the council meeting of Owitong, government chief whip also Ajuri county MP, in Alebtong District, Denis Hamson Obua said the government shall support the event.

Obua,who pledged 3million shillings, stated that our eyes as Lango people are on president Museveni and other different government officials.

To ensure that we generate enough various office,money, we will knock on the doors of the first person president Muesveni, follow by voice president, prime minister office, speaker of Parliament and deputy speaker.

“My humble appeal to the appointed members of the coronation, let us complicate the necessary work a head of schedule so that the victory day comes to an end.” Obua stated.

While presenting the budget estimates the vice Chairperson for the organizating committee, Also Maruzi county MP Maxwell Akora, says this money will be allocated in various ways, which includes mobilization and publicity, transportation and logistics, welfare and refreshments, security and first Aid, “My pledged is also 3M”.

The Chairperson of the Lango parliamentary group,Hon. Judith Alyek Also woman MP for Kole District, announced that her group will contribute over 31m to support the event, However My own contribution will be 2M,

“I am now encouraged, everyone in Lango must welcome this coronation and I know the government will respond by building the Lango palace”.

Gofferey Etwop a tycoon and Ober clan leader, started that we will go to event corner to seek support in order to raise funds.

“According to the speaker of Lango cultural foundation, said Owitong’s council meeting agreed that each clan would contribute 1M, in Lango we have More than 150 clan’s.

The former Executive Director Uganda roads found, Dr. Eng. Moses Michael Odongo Okune was the newly elected lango paramount chief “Won nyaci “the election took place on the 1 March 2024.

By Arao Denis

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