President Museveni orders Balaalo to vacate Northern region.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ordered Balaalo herdsmen to leave the Lango, Acholi, and WestNile regions not later than three weeks from Friday 3rd of November.

Museveni made the directive during the Friday meeting with leaders from the Acholi region held in Amuru district.

The president ordered UPDF and police to help in evicting Balaalo, whose animals are destroying people’s crops.

“Destruction of crops: I directed the UPDF Division Commander, RPC, and the Minister for Northern Uganda to ensure that anybody with cows in an unfenced area in the Acholi, Lango, and West Nile sub-regions leaves immediately, but in any case not later than three weeks from today,” the President ordered.

President Museveni also ordered those who are grazing animals illegally on government land to vacate immediately.

“Anybody occupying government land (Aswa ranch, Lakang, land acquired for the Madvhani group, etc.) must leave with immediate effect, but in any case not later than 3 weeks from today,” he ordered.

The Friday meeting stemmed from various petitions and complaints against the herdsmen by local communities.

The group is accused of destroying crops belonging to local people and acquiring land in a dubious manner, among other things.

By Arao Denis

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