Presidential address on corruption.

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that there is a racket of people syndicating corruption between the ministry of finance and Parliament
Museveni notes that he has been monitoring corruption cases in the country and he has led to arrest of one in individual state house who forced investors to give him share in their company and to arrange their meeting with the president
Museveni says his own workers are selling his appointments to investors and those that don’t pay are not fixed to meet him, a vice he says is unacceptable and all culprits will be arrested adding that he is still investigating all cases on corruption in these institutions
However, the audience rejected his suggestion for amnesty when they shouted after the president’s utterance that they should prepare for amnesty of those cited in some incidents

Museveni has also revealed that there are other actors dealing with foreigners to messup the country and warned those he has called inexperienced politicians who have continued to extort from Ugandans through high interest rates and collaboration with saboteurs

President Yoweri Museveni has told off Ugandans to focus on wealth creation over divisions based on identity
Museveni notes that Uganda’s current growth and development trajectory is attributed to the intensification of social economic messages which all Ugandans should prioritize
Uganda is now focusing on exploring its minerals including Iron ore, Tin, Gold on top of the mechanization of agriculture and businesses to ensure full participation of all adult individuals
Museveni says Ugandans should focus beyond the localities to broader markets with the country and the region to ensure that they harness from the wider market Across Uganda, East Africa and beyond through Patriotism and pan Africanism
This during the ongoing State of the Nation Address at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds

Museveni has recalled the country’s economic recovery from Minimum items that include Coffee Cotton Copper, Tourism Tea and Tobacco, to Expanding their productivity and value addition which has drastically elevated the Uganda’s economy to Middle Income Status
He however hints on the immense bottlenecks existing within East Africa which are threatening the harmonization and unity into one sober market

President Yoweri Museveni tells off Ugandans to separate between mistake makers and dishonesty in the anti-corruption fight
Museveni says that he has report of individuals used by foreign countries to taint the name of Uganda in the guise of awards from foreign countries who he has referred to as traitors
Museveni says those mistake makers in corruption can be forgiven because not all alleged corrupt individuals should be handed in the same manner
He says that if the country was to punish all mistake makers, then no one would be left to works with adding that only the traitors, foreign agents and the dishonest who loot from government programs should be punished but the mistake makers can be advised

By Namagembe Joweria

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