Primary four pupil committe suicide in Apac district

The security in Apac district are investigating a case of suspected murder by hanging one of Achilla Emmanuel 12 yrs old who is a karamojoing by tribe,a pupil of Ibuje Primary school in Apac district.

According to the SP Jimmy Patrick Okema the regional police spoke person for North Kyoga region s

aid the deceased is a resident of Kanalobai village, Kakakwa parish, Mari Sub-County in Kotido District.

While addressing the media in Lira City Sp Jimmy Patrick Okema said that Achilla (deceased) was brought by his uncle Olila Samuel who works as the herdsman to Odongo James.

But the police report indicate on the 21st November 2023, one bull disappeared and Odong has been alleging that Olila sold his bull, hence he kept on threatening Olila and registered a case of theft against Olila who was later arrested and is in police cells at Apac CPS, later he turned to the boy Achilla asking him to reveal where his uncle sold the bull, the boy took off on Monday to the neighborhood and didn’t come back and on Wednesday he was discovered hanged on a rope dead.

A report was registered at the police, scene of crime was visited, documented and dead body conveyed to Apac Hospital’s mortuary pending postmortem as we wait for the relatives from Kotido to arrive.

By Arao Denis

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