Schools counting losses in Lira due to high costs of living

5TH 9 2022, Northern uganda
Private Schools owners in Lira City are counting losses as majority of their parents have abondoned them as they increased school fee to meet the high cost of living.
According to the inspector of school for lira city Mr. Samuel Ogwok third term begun well with several new cases of transfer to government schools from private schools within the city.
He said they think its as result of high cost of living that has made majority of parents unable to meet the cost.
Outside that, he also said there is improvement in all the government secondary schools in Lira City
Lira District has 48 government aided primary schools and according to the city officials enrollments have increased.

However, Mr. Leo Elem the head teacher st Gracious Nursery and primary school in Lira said its contrary to them because they all their pupils have reported.
Joseph Okello the deputy Head teacher of Lira Town college also expressed concern due to increased cost of Living.
He since they did not increase their school fees, non of students have crossed to another school in this term.
On the other hand, Quilinous Otim the director of Ave Maria vocational and training school within Lira Said much as the enrollment in both primary and secondary is well, Vocational sector is given little.
Out of 200 students only, 2 students reported to as term three reopened.

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