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Suspected Ebola case reported in Apac District


 Apac district has started investigation report for a suspected case of Ebola in Akokoro sub county, Apac district as it was reported yesterday  very early in the morning. 

 Speaking this morning, Sam opira the secretary Health and Education in the district confirm the matter, and said district received a lert information from the manager of NAGRIK farm about an employee who got an acute illness which started at around 3:00am in the morning with several abdominal pain, body weaknesses, vomiting blood, and bloody diarrhoea. 

 Opira added that following the clinical presentation above the Luis was prominent of an Ebola suspected cases because after the suspect reached the site already confirmed dead at around 2:30 pm. 

 The deceased is a 50yrs old man, by the name Masaba Mohamed, a mugishu by tribe from mable district who was working as an employed at the government animals farm as a support staff for the last five years 

  Meanwhile according to opira a total of 12 contacts to the deceased was listed and put under quarantine until confirmation of the results. 

NAGRIK farm is a government animals farm found in A choli  in village , Kungu parish, Akokoro sub county in Apac District with a total of 36 employees as reported by the management. 

  Uganda declared Ebola outbreak on the 20th in Mubende district at the regional referral hospital to date a total of 142 cases has been confirmed with Ebola with 55 death.
By Arao Denis

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