The people of Lango sub region commemorate the International Day for Tolerance

The people of the Lango sub region join the rest of the country and the global community to commemorate this year’s International Day for Tolerance marked annually on Wednesday 16 November.

The UN General Assembly in 1996 adopted Resolution 51/95 proclaiming 16 November as International Day for Tolerance which has always been celebrated globally in all the world.

The objective for marking the day is to create public awareness on the dangers of intolerance which is an attribute that helps people to live together peacefully by accepting and listening to the opinions of others.

The Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) Eng. Dr Michael Moses Odongo Okune, in a message, stressed the need for clan chiefs  and stakeholders to step up sensitization campaigns to revive all the positive traditional norms and values aimed at tolerance for one another right from household levels.

He says many people in the sub region including spouses and children are stressed and divided because the majority want quick fixes to their socio-economic challenges which have largely given way to intolerance leading to very ugly incidents.

“…its shocking that we continue to hear of nasty cases of murder among couples and other family members like children who turned and kill their parents over property disputes…”,he said.

Okune has urged the journalists and media houses especially the radio stations to use their microphones to preach tolerance by avoiding hate speeches by some reckless people who can easily incite the population.
“….as we celebrate this day, my appeal to all of you is to pledge to mobilize our people of Lango against intolerance, let us work together to promote peace among our valuable communities…”, he appealed.

Okune recalls that in the past the people of Lango lived in harmony because there were robust clan systems of conflict resolutions using peaceful means through dialogue and tolerance of one another which minimized loss of lives.

By Arao Denis

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