Two arrested over illegal possession of stolen gun in lira city.

Police in Lira City have arrested two suspects over illegal possession of firearms, the regional police spokesperson said Friday.
The suspects identified as 22-year old Alex Opio aka Shaban, a resident resident of Oteno parish, Abia Sub-county in Alebtong District and Godfrey Okello, a resident of Jinja camp ward, Ojwina cell in Lira City West Division were arrested following a tip off by local residents.
SP Patrick Jimmmy Okema, the regional police spokesperson for North Kyoga, said security received a tip that a group of young men had a rife for hire for a supposed robbery.
This promoted the security to deploy plain clothed officers in the area.
“They were within Tekulu dam cell, in Ojwina ward, Lira City West Division. A joint operation was conducted led by the District Police commander for Lira City West Division and two people were arrested. We also recovered an SAR rifle with an empty magazine,”SP Okema said on Friday.
Upon interrogation, police said the suspects revealed the recovered gun was stolen from speedway petrol station along Lira-Kitgum road.
On March 26, 2022 at about 2am, Leo Ocen, a security guard with private security company, Amazing Guard, in Lira City lost an SAR rifle with 7 rounds of ammunition while on guard at Speedway petrol station along Lira-Kitgum Road after thugs lured him to a parking lot.
According to police preliminary findings, the gun was used for a robbery in Alebtong District shortly after it was stolen from Lira.
Currently Okema said police is hunting for the third suspect whose location have since been identified.

By Arao Denis

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