25 heads of cattle stolen by Karamajong raiders


Resident of olilim And ogwete sub counties in Otuke District are crying out  following the insecurity which leads to the loss of 25 stolen head’s of cattle with in the Areas.

Addressing journalist yesterday At Lira central police station,S.P, Jimmy Patrick okema the regional police spoke person confirmed the incident, and said security forces managed to recover 15 heads of cattle leaving a balance of ten.

 According to okema,on Sunday Last week, Another 25 heads of cattle were raided,but security forces managed to recover all of them, during the exchange of gunfire with the raiders one cow was injured.

  Following the attacks, security urged the local leaders to make use of traditional methods of communication to the authority’s so that community should be alert in case of any insecurity from the karamojong raiders.

 He also appealed to the communities not to fight with the karamojong raiders in case of any attacks, but they should join a collective responsibility in landing the matter, as they are working hard to provide more security.

By Arao Denis

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