60 year old woman succumbs to injury sustained after assault by clan members

Some locals of Bardago in Apuce parish, Ayami Sub County in Lira district are on the run following the assault of 60 year old woman on Saturday who later died on Sunday from Lira regional referral hospital.

On Saturday, the clan leader of Ogora clan, Alfred Omara Olyel convened a meeting to resolve a disagreement between Robinson Ojok and his sister Lilly Ayo whom the former accused of charming his daughter’s leg, causing it to rot.

Lilly Ayo, who was on her way to attend the meeting met some members of Ogora clan who were heading for the same meeting and they beat her up, leaving her in critical condition.

Ayami Sub County chairman Tom Obur said they reported the matter to police of Ayami police station and Ayo was picked up and taken to Lira regional hospital for treatment.

Obur said on Sunday morning they received reports that Ayo had died from the injuries she suffered in the hands of Ogora clan members and her brother Ojok was consequently arrested to support investigation into the matter.

By Arao Denis

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