700 pupils stranded as floods cut off school in Otuke district.

 Hundreds of pupils of Amackide primary school in ogwete sub county otuke district are stranded after heavy rains flooded from ongaro swamp cut off the roads. 

 Amackide is a government aided primary school located in ogwete sub county with an enrolment of 957 pupils , However by mid week only 237 pupils made to school because ongaro swamp has flooded come as a result of heavy rain being received with in the area. 

 The flooding has cut off pupils from the areas of Alukot, Ogwete and Amyere who have to cross the swamp before reaching the school. 

  Parents of the school says their children have already missed the first week of learning due to poor status of the road, they add that the challenge is not only affecting learners but the general community of ogwete, who can not access services like health and markets. 

 Peter Okweda the chairman Lc3 , confirmed the challenge says he has ready reported the matter to the district which is now responsible for the district to look in to the matter. 

  But according to LC5 of Otuke chairman Francis Abola , said many roads have been cut off in the area, and they are planing to fixed some with  culvert installed on unfortunately district doesn't have enough money to fix all the affected roads.

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