ATMIS, Development Partners supply Piped Water to Janaale

It was joy and excitement as locals in Janaale town opened taps and received safe and clean water from the well-built water points.

The safe and clean water pumped from one kilometer African Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) Forward Operating Base purified water reservoir, supplies 3000 cubic liters of water daily.

The water project which was financed by USAID and British Embassy in conjunction with ATMIS has enabled women and children to access safe and clean water for domestic use.

Mr. Abdirhaman Yusuf Cabdi, the Janaale District Commissioner thanked ATMIS and partners for bringing services nearer to his people.
He observed that the project will go a long way in shortening time taken to look for safe and clean water and reduce the risks of contracting water borne diseases.

“We shall always be grateful for this project. Thank you for saving lives of our people,” Mr. Cabdi Yusuf appreciated.

The ATMIS Battle Group XXXVII second in command, Lt Col Nelson Baringaya, disclosed that there is need to guard the water points against contamination by negative elements; the duty he promised to take on without hesitation.

“There are elements out there who are ill bent on contaminating these water points. We are determined to protect them so that people continue using clean and safe water,” Lt Col Baringaya explained.

The piped water points are capable of supplying water to over 2000 homesteads daily.

This project will save the population of Janaale from depending on dirty seasonal River Shabelle.

Other sources of water in this area include canals used by both human beings and livestock.

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