Daughter in war with Father in Law over leadership

A leadership wrangle has emerged over the position of Director of Dokolo School of Nursing and Midwifery between the late director Morris Okwir’s widow and his father following his death last year.

This has drawn the attention of Dokolo RDC Barbra Akec who has warned the school leadership against involving inactions that may destabilize security in the school.

This comes as Eveline Adyiayo the widow to the late Morris Okwir and her father in- law, Howard Odongo debating on who takes over the position of the school director.

In a press release to media houses dated 16 /1/2023 written by Eveline Adyiayo through her lawyer Gumtwero and Company Advocates, she states that she has taken over the position of the school Director following the death of her husband Morris Okwir but Howard Odongo the father to the late Okwir insists that he has taken over as director of the same school.

Akec said they will ensure the leadership wrangle does not impact negatively the learners and community.

Howard Odongo said he has been planning to convene a meeting at the school over debts incurred by the school but Eveline is against the move

Odongo said he is the legitimate director of the school but not Eveline who is claiming the same position.

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