Lango in Drive to plant One Million trees

More than one million trees will be planted in lango sub regions this year to fight deforestation, the areas cultural in situation has revealed. 

  In an interview with pearl fm this morning, George Ojwang Opota, The te kwaro lango Prime minister , said prolonged drought and unpredictable rainfall have become more frequent in the area due to massive deforestation. 

  He added that, The effects of climate change can be mitigated through conservation and tree planting among others interventions. 

 Ojwang said, it is upon this backdrop that te kwaro lango will engage members of the community in the sun region through their clan leaders to plant more than one million tress across lango, which covered 9 districts 

  Meanwhile, Edwin Odur, the deputy foreign affairs minister said, we are going to use clan leaders to identify people with vast land and are interested in implementing the projects and we shall distribute the seeding for them. 

   Jimmy Okweny, The kwania district environment officer, said the rate at which tress are being cut in the district is now surpassing the rate at which tress are being planted. 

    More than 15 % of our tress cover is lost and itis attributed to many factors of deforestation and the recent floods, which affected areas around the shores of Lake kwania. 

 Te kwaro lango culture is headed by the paramount chief under Dr. Eng Moses Michael Odongo Okune.

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