Deputy speaker Tayebwa orders head-on probe into homosexuality in schools

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa has directed the Education Committee of parliament to comprehensively investigate a thread of alleged homosexual practices in Ugandan schools.

In his communication to Members of parliament Tayebwa said the country is concerned about the increasing cases of homosexuality and lesbianism in schools.

‘These schools are now recruitment centres; some of these children and their parents are dying in silence. We need the Committee on Education to look into this matter and we find solutions,” the Deputy Speaker said.

“This cannot go on like this. Some of the boys in a certain school fear moving in the night for fear of being sodomised” he added.

The deputy speaker’s directive follows repeated public outcries and a number of pictures on social media that depicted the practice in some schools.

Another document in circulation recently made damning allegations against some of the top schools including sodomising children and recruiting them into the vice.

Reacting to Deputy Speaker’s stance on homosexuality allegation, Charles Bakkabulindi, who represents workers in Parliament said that some NGOs are involved in the promotion of LGBTq activities in schools.

“These NGOs use teachers in these big schools to recruit the students into these activities. We need to curb this.”

Sarah Opendi, the Tororo District Woman Member of Parliament commended Tayebwa for the directive and said Parliament must provide leadership in the fight against LGBTq activities.

“We should not shy away from this; we have a motion which we want in this House and we come up with recommendations on how to move forward, she said also urging Police and the Judiciary to stand firm against this vice.

“Even in this Parliament, we have people who are sympathetic to these people and I will name you here, “she said.

Late last year, Tayebwa tasked the government to start funding all religious institutions across the country as one of the ways to fight homosexuality and abortion.

“We can start these discussions and agree on a formal way with the religious leaders on how much the government can give them to support their activities. With this, we shall cut off donors and evil people promoting homosexuality and abortion in our Church,” Mr Tayebwa said, noting that he has been threatened by various people that he will be denied a USA Visa after he publically denounced homosexuality during the recent 61st Session of the Organisation of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States Parliamentary Assembly.

Mr Tayebwa, who headed Uganda’s delegation to the Mozambican capital of Maputo, vowed to oppose alleged plans by pro-gay nations to impose the promotion of homosexuality and abortion as new conditions for trade and aid relationships with the European Union.

“In Uganda, issues of LGBT…,” Mr Tayebwa stated, referring to an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, “…and abortion are issues that can never be accepted and we shall not pass laws that shall allow them,” he said during the Assembly.

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