Embrace our own skills to avoid importing goods-President Museveni

The youth who have graduated under the presidential initiative on skilling the Girl and boy child program have been advised to form groups in their various skills to be able to benefit from the capital that the president has pledged to support them with.

While officiating at the graduation ceremony of the 2022 and 2023 intake of youth from the nine centers of Kampala president Museveni urged the public to embrace the practice of making things themselves than importing.
over 16000 youth from the 9 centers of Kampala under the presidential initiative on skilling a girl or boy child have received level one certificates from the directorate of industrial training after qualifying in 14 skills that include hair dressing, kneeting,embroidery,welding,bakery,shoe making and electronic installation among others.

These have exhibited the skills they have acquired to the president and the first lady at kololo independence ground.
President Museveni while officiating at the graduation ceremony expressed disappointed with private school propriators and head teachers of public schools who want to get money from the poor children.

He said these skills need to be incorporated in the education system in primary, secondary schools and vocational institutions.
The minister for education and sports Janet Museveni Said if graduates model exemplary conduct and moral up righteousness their service will thrive at all time..

The minister for Kampala and Metropolitan affairs Hajjat Minsa Kabanda urged parents to bring their children into presidential initiative to create job creators rather than job seekers .
The program has transformed youth from ghetto areas of the five divisions of Kampala..

The statehouse comptroller Jane Barekye said the initiative addresses the objective of unemployment and value addition plus growth of cottage industries.

She proposed a number of areas that include oil and gas sector and the construction of the standard gage railway through which these youths can get employment after training.
Over 50,000 youth have been trained since 2017 at the start of the program . The youth are trained for six months after they are certified by the directorate of industrial training under the ministry of education and sports.

By Kabangala Ismail

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