Two suspected thieves killed in Lira City

The territorial police in Lira-City West Division is investigating murder by mob on two suspected motorcycle thieves who were lynched by a group of people on the 06th Oct 2023 at around 2100 hours from Jinja Camp cell, Ober ward Lira-City West Division
The deceased have been identified as Ogwal Janan, aged 21years old, a resident of Adekokwok “A” cell, Adekokwok Ward Lira City East Division, LIRA CITY and Ayugi Lydia aged 28years old, a resident of Obutuwelo “A” cell Obutuwelo Ward, Lira City West Division, LIRA CITY.

It’s alleged that Ogwal Janan and Ayugi Lydia and other 2 not identified yet escaped from the mob, stopped a boda-bada cyclist and instructed him to take them some where with the motive of hitting him with a Hammer and later rob of his motorcycle.

. However when the boda-bada cyclist reached with them along Juba road, other boda-bada cyclists identified them as known theives, immediately the boda-boda man stopped and their colleagues started asking these people, but the 2 on realizing danger, they took off leaving Ogwal Janan and Ayugi Lydia in the hands of the angry mob who started beating up them, and that was when they confessed having robbed several other motorcycles from boda-bada cyclists over the past years.

This attracted more and more boda-bada cyclists who kept on beating them until they became unconscious.

The DPC Lira City West DIVISION and the team responded to the scene and found the 02 victims were still alive but in critical condition, they later passed on upon arrival at the Lira Regional Referral Hospital emergency Ward.
Bodies of the deceased conveyed to the mortuary where they are still lying PENDING Postmortem.

It has been observed that these were part of the hired thugs who rob motorcycles and take them for dismantling and change the registration number plates, according to Jimmy patrick okema in other Districts especially DOKOLO, OYAM and KOLE.
Efforts to have the two who escaped is ongoing however we appeal to anyone who knows their where about to inform police such that they are apprehended to break through the group.

By Arao Denis

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