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Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital stuck with condemned machines

Officials at Entebbe regional referral hospital have revealed that the facility lost a number of equipment due to over spraying at the time when it served as a Covid-19 treatment centre.

In 2020 as the country experienced a surge in the number of cod-19 positive cases, ministry of health designated Entebbe referral hospital as a covid-19 management center.

However ,the hospital management headed by the it’s director Dr Peterson Stephen Kyebambe has informed the Leader of the opposition, that due to the rigorous spraying of the hospital with disinfectant ,several machines where affected and are currently out of use.

According Dr Peterson Kyebambe, since that period, the hospital has never got a budget to repair the damaged machines.

Management has also complained of an acute shortage of staff with only 16% of its staffing structure filled.

According hospital director, despite receiving Supplementary funding of Shs 406m to recruit new staff, the Ministry of Public Service halted the process until the ongoing audit of the government payroll is completed.

He has also told the leader of opposition in parliament Mathias Mpuuga that however much National Water and Sewerage Corporation restored water supply, the outstanding bill of Shs 488m still stands.

The leader of Opposition was shocked with the poor state of the hospital which is very close to state house.

By Shanitah Usufu

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