FDC party claims Muhoozi should be dismissed from UPDF


October 10, 2022

FDC: “Muhoozi should be dismissed from UPDF with disgrace”
FDC Ssemujju Nganda

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), has urged the UPDF to dismiss four-star general Muhoozi Kainerugaba with disgrace over what it termed as “scandalous” behavior.

Party spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda told the press on Monday at the FDC Najjanankumbi offices that the party may be tempted to seek a judicial review of Muhoozi’s recent promotion in light of his tweets about Kenya.

“The law is very clear. This is a scandalous behaviour. By promoting him, Museveni went against the spirit of the law. This precedent of rewarding misconduct will now be used by others,” Ssemujju said.

Muhoozi was fired as commander-in-chief of the land forces by his father, President Museveni, last week, following a series of tweets in which the first son threatened to wage war on neighbouring Kenya.

The president, on the other hand, promoted Muhoozi to full general, claiming that, despite his tweets, the first son possesses other unique qualities.

On Monday, his uncle Gen Salim Saleh and wife Charlotte Muhoozi pipped the newly promoted first son to the position of full general.

The pipping ceremony was taking place in Bombo, while FDC spokesperson and Kira Municipality MP Ssemujju Nganda was speaking with journalists in Najjanankumbi.

Ssemujju dismissed Museveni’s claims that Muhoozi possesses “special” qualities that justify his promotion.

“Mr Kaguta Museveni is a good herdsman. Why doesn’t he employ his son at one of his farms if he thinks he is a very good manager?” Ssemujju asked.

“We want Muhoozi Kainerugaba to be dismissed from the army with disgrace and sent to Luzira. That is what section 145 of the UPDF Act on scandalous behaviour by officers says.”

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