A 56 yrs woman arrested for killing her husband on independence

A 56 yrs woman arrested for killing his husband on independence celebration day in oyam district.

Police in North kyoga concerned about growing high cases of theft in the region’s, where 1,030 cases were registered during a period of three months.

    Addressing journalist today at the regional head office in Erute lira city, SP JIMMY Patrick okema, said this is coming due to domestic violence issues between both parents,
   He added that. police in oyam central police station are holding a 56yrs old woman on allegation  for killing his husband yesterday at around 7pm  as the country was celebrating independence day 

  According to okema, the suspect is called marriget Apio, of Farm  village, kukula parish, Nagi sub county in oyam district, 

   On the others matter. cited the month of June, July and August with the highest numbers of crime, where police register 340 cases of theft in June, 385 in July and 305 in August, and most of the theft are house  breaking , motorcycle issue among others. 

   lastly he wants the public against mob justice, where he urged the people to report any matter  of theft to the concern people apart from rushing to the media.
By Arao Denis

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