I am not here to stay ; Museveni says but remains tight-lipped on succession

President Museveni has said that the country belongs to Ugandans who should make decisions on what they want, urging that he definitely does not expect to stay forever.

Museveni was handling a question on succession during a one-on-one interview with KTN, a Kenyan media house at State House Entebbe.

During the interview, the president said the leadership he envisions for Uganda post-Museveni era is one that will continue to be decided by the people who are fortunately increasing in number.

He said that Uganda has got owners and they are here and increasing in number. He added that when the time comes, they will sit down and decide.

The president said that the country may not need him necessarily but Uganda “needs all hands on deck”.

“The issues we have been dealing with here from 1965 are the same problems in different phases, now we are in an easier phase where we are running the country and the question is what is to be done? What is needed?” Museveni said.

Previously, President Museveni has been faced with a question on whether he is grooming his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba for the position but he said Ugandans have the right to decide who leads them.

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