Lango leaders demand blood compensation for minister Okello Engola killing.

The chairperson of Lango district chairpersons and mayors’ forum also Alebtong district chairman David Kennedy Odongo has rallied Otikokin clan and Lango as a whole to demand blood compensation for their slain son, state minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations Col. Rtd. Charles Patrick Okello Engola Macodowgo who was shot dead by his body guard on Tuesday.

Odongo DK said Lango as tribe should not condone killing of their people with impunity and wants the clan to which Engola’s body guard, Sabiti Wilson to pay blood compensation for Engola before his burial in line with Lango culture.

He also wants Sabiti’s clan to apologize to Lango over the heinous murder of their son.

Odongo DK said Okello Engola was instrumental in advocating for peace in Lango and at the time of his death, he was trying hard to fight cattle theft by suspected Karamojong cattle rustlers in Otuke and Alebtong.

The speaker of Tekwaro Lango, Willy Omodo Omodo called for thorough investigation into the murder of Engola whom he said was strong pillar in Lango.

Omodo also demanded the Lango joint council to be convened to pay respect to Engola to demand for construction of a vocational school in memory of Engola.

By Arao Denis

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