Lango Paramount Chief Odongo Okune names male-majority Cabinet

Tekwaro Lango Paramount Chief, Eng Dr Moses Michael Odongo Okune, has announced his third Cabinet, giving a majority of posts to men with several to lawyers and youth.
Eng Dr Odongo Okune said the Cabinet’s priorities are preservation of Lango culture, encouraging economic growth along with social inclusion and ensuring that no one is left behind in development. 

The 54-member Cabinet has nine women.
Mr Simon Peter Odepe has been appointed the minister of Finance, Planning and Projects while Mr Christopher Odongo is the state minister for Planning and Projects.
Mr George Ojwang Opota, who has been serving as the Prime Minister, has retained his seat.
Mr Paul Ogwal Olule, the former town clerk of Lira Municipality, is appointed as the Second Deputy Prime Minister.
Mr Yuventino Obong is the minister of Agriculture, Veterinary and Fisheries, while Jerome Angena, a lawyer, is appointed as the minister of Land Rights and Management.
The former Member of Parliament for Kioga County in Amolatar District, Mr B’Leo Ojok is the minister of Reparation and Compensation.
Magistrate Simon Peter Odoo is reappointed the minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.
Ms Joan Pacoto, the former Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Lira, is appointed as the minister of Family Life and Gender, while Patrick Ongom is the minister of Education and Sports. 
Ms Helen Ayo is the state minister for Education and John Bosco Epok is the minister of Disaster Preparedness.
Mr Robert Olet Egwe is the minister of Foreign Affairs while the National Resistance Movement (NRM) cadre, Mr Patrick Okullu Okeng, is appointed as the minister of Information and Guidance. 
The minister of Disability and Social Rehabilitation is Mr Mathew John Bull, while Mr Jeremiah Abwango is the minister of Culture and Ceremonies.

Ms Beatrice Akello is the Executive Secretary while Mr Hamza Okello is the Principal Private Secretary to the Paramount Chief.
Board of Trustees is chaired by Mr Joseph Apel and deputized by Ms Easter Ongwala. Other members include; Mr Haji Musa Odongo Ayo, Mr Moses Omodo, Mr Ogwal Atoocon, Mr Ronald Jasmine Okwir, Ms Mary Owaa, Mr Wilford Ojok Ayo, Ms Christine Ogwang, Mr Joseph Okabo, Ms Lydia Abola, and Mr Alex Lolo Abura Kawa.

Odongo Okune asked the appointees to cooperate with government once vetted so that they can help the government monitor different programs aimed at eradicating household poverty citing the parish development model, and special interest grants among others.

By Arao Denis

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