Lira city council authority on the spot over failed garbage management.

Business in Lira city’s main market last week came to a stand still for four hours over poor hygiene at the market.

All in boots and gloves, vendors closed their stores to collectively pick the rotting garbage they say produces a bad stench arising from the uncollected garbage that had lasted for days.

The vendors say because of poor hygiene, buyers no longer want to shop in the market because of the disturbing smell of decomposing garbage, which has negatively affected their sales.

They say much as Lira city main market is the main food market for people within Lira City, authorities have given it little attention to them yet market dues of shillings 5oo is collected on a daily basis.

The vendors say the market is covered in a very unpleasant smell with flies hanging around all day, a situation that vendors say is unhealthy to both them and customers.

Basil Edwoko, the vendor’s chairperson, Lira main market said they have been complaining about the stench in the market and how it is scaring away customers but no solution has ever been given.

“We cannot continue selling in such a dirty environment with flies falling on food items and that is why we decided to collectively do what the city has failed to do”, said Edwoko.

This now Edwoko said has prompted them to close down their stores to collect the rotting garbage citing that the division leadership has given up on its duties used to collect garbage about four days ago over payment issues.

Ali Musa Muhammed, who supervises Lira city council sweepers said they have laid down their tools due to five months delayed payments yet they work under poor conditions with no protective gears among others gumboots, gloves and overalls.

”We have bills to meet like school fees, rent and some of us are on ARVs which can’t be swallowed on an empty stomach”, Ali added.

Lira city East Mayor George Okello Ayo said they are trying their best to ensure garbage is collected but sometimes they are hindered financial resources.

“As the city leadership, we don’t have enough funds since the central government has not responded but we hope in future all will be well,” he said.

He however appealed to the market vendors to ensure that they keep garbage in sacks instead of throwing it on the streets and other places in the city.

Meanwhile, Sam Atul, the mayor Lira City during an exclusive interview said the delay of garbage collection at the main market was due to challenges Lira city East division has been encountering but was quick to add that plans are underway with the town clerk to address the issue

Lira Main Market, whose construction commenced in October 2011, and competed in June 2014, has 1,874 stalls, 453 lock-ups and several butchers.

By Arao Denis

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