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Locals in Otuke District trek 8 km to access clean water.

locals in the areas like; Lela-apala in Otuke district and Atyene tino, Obap, Odado and Akom-gali in Alebtong trek for more than 8km to fetch water.

Yesterday, Local council one chairperson in Okwang Town Council in Otuke district and Adwir Sub County in Alebtong district converged at the home of Otuke East Member of Parliament Julius Achon Bua and presented their request for construction of boreholes to address the challenge of lack of clean water in their areas.

The local leaders who were from Adwir led by Leonard Ogwang told a meeting chaired by Achon’s political assistant Bosco Okullo said their areas for long have been marginalized in terms of clean water source coverage.

Former Otuke county Mp contestant Richard Omara Awio who led the local leaders from Okwang Town Council said after getting a lot of concerns about inaccessibility to clean water sources in the area, he requested Achon to construct three boreholes to address this challenge.

Omara said priority for the borehole should be in Lela-apala vilage in Okwang Town Council which is the most affected village in terms of clan water source coverage.

Omara also called on Achon to continue with the project of distributing Sim-sim and Soya bean seeds to farmers since most of them do have capacity to purchase improved seeds which is much more expensive.

The LCIII Chairperson of Orum Sub county Bosco Okullo who doubles as MP Achon’s political assistant said Achon has a plan of drilling 200 boreholes across districts in Lango sub region.

He said they plan to start using solar power technology to distribute piped water in communities.

While addressing the local leaders, Achon pledged to support them with boreholes since his political agenda hinged on increasing access to clean water by local communities.

He therefore said boreholes in areas requested for, will be drilled starting on 15th day of this month.

By Arao Denis.

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