Minister Amongi assures UK Investors of qualified labour force.

HON. Minister of Gender Labour and Social Development, Amongi Betty Akena assures UK Investors of a competitive, qualified labour force to drive their companies.

The Minister this morning spoke passionately about the role labour force plays in driving economic growth, productivity, accumulating savings and facilitating investment growth and development.

“Investment is anchored on four factors of production: Land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship; When you come to Uganda, you will require qualified labour force to facilitate your investment, you require affordable labour to operate your machineries and bring ideas to drive consumption of your products; am here to assure you that we shall support you to understand the labour laws to support your investment, Amongi asserted.
She articulated the legal framework of employment laws, regulations and guidelines and opined that they should treat workers fairly as investors abiding by international and national legal frameworks.
Amongi opined that the global labour market drives the choices of where ones invest that’s why many developed countries have moved their production to China, India and Africa assuring them that Uganda is the best place to invest due to affordable labour force.

By Arao Denis

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