Gunmen steal 27 millions from a business man in Amolatar.

The territorial command in Amolatar District are closely following a case of aggravated robbery, this follows a complaint which was registered by Olal Tobby aged 41yrs a businessman and a resident of Bei Wei village Namija parish Agwingiri Sub-County in Amolatar District, that he was robbed of 27million shillings by unknown gunmen who later shot and injured Alele Francis aged 22yrs a shop attendant.

While addressing the media in lira City SP Jimmy Patrick okema said This incident occurred on the 7th Sept 2023 at around 0900 hours in the morning from Abako Atidi trading.

Okema added that it’s alleged that on the 7th Sept 2023 at around 0900 hours as Olal Tobby was selling in his wholesale shop at Abako Atidi trading center, three unknown people came on unidentified Tvs motorcycle, parked near his shop while dressed on jackets and pretended to buy some shop items, one wanted soda, another asked for a bag of sugar just to confuse him,

In the process Olal was put on gun point and ordered to lie down as the other went to another room where the shop attendant Alele Francis was, one other man entered straight inside the bed room and allegedly picked some money from the bucket which was under the bed and also money from the drawer of the counter, in that process Alele Francis tried to make an alarm and struggled over the money that’s when he was shot at and injured on the left buttock and bullet came out from the thy and they quickly took off.

A case of robbery and attempted murder has been registered at CPS Amolatar, scene of crime was visited by a team of Police officers led by the District Police Commander, scene examined and documented by Soco, statements were recorded from relevant witnesses from the scene.
Exhibit (cartridge ) was recovered from the scene, victim Alele Francis rushed to Amolatar Health Center IV for treatment, PF 3 was issued to the victim.
Suspects are still at large however efforts to have them apprehended is ongoing.

This looks a planned robbery because the assailants knew where the money was kept, but it’s subject to investigation.

By Arao Denis

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