Minister Kabanda applauds Rotarians of Kisugu

The Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs officiated a function where the Rotary Club of Kisugu launched a series of projects done to add value on the standard of living for the people of Yoka zone, Namuwongo,Kisugu in Makindye Division. These projects include provision of water to the people in the slum area of Yoka zone ,improving on sanitation, and urban agriculture through Provision of green houses.

The Rotarians who are about 43 have been able to improve lives of people through lobbying various partners like KCCA, Uganda Railways, and Stanbic bank.

The President of the Rotary Club of Kisugu took time to Explain the history of their intervention in Yoka zone and thanked the people of the area for their willingness to embrace the efforts of the Rotary Club.

The Minister on her part paid tribute to the Rotarians for the effort they have put in trying to improve lives of the people of Yoka zone. She pledged cooperation with the Rotarians in their effort to help the vulnerable population. She thanked rotarians for being an exemplary non profit organization that selflessly helps and serve people

She called upon the Club to try and understand government programs like PDM and Emyooga so as to become good will Ambassadors of government programs.

By Tenywa Kabangala

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