Minister Kabanda calls for cooperation.

Hon.minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan affairs Hajjat Minsa Kabanda together with Kabaka’s Gombolola Chief Kawuma Male and an entourage from kampala Central went to pay their respects to the Kabaka of Buganda through the Katikiro.

They took the annual Luwalo (contribution towards Buganda ‘s development). A total of shs 26million was taken. And Central region emerged the best in giving and was awarded a certificate and letter of appreciation.

In her speech, the minister Hon. Minsa Kabanda emphasised cooperation between the Central government and Buganda,talked about the need to ensure government programs are not politicized as they benefit all despite their political affiliations.

The katikiro thanked the minister for the services to both the central government and Buganda and particularly pointed out the need to ensure Kampala indeed reflects the image of a city for a great nation.

By Ismail Tenywa

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