Owuwuk gangsters arrested in Lira.

Owuwuk is a group of young gangsters conducting robbery ,rape, and piercing any body parts of those they meet in the night. They use sharp knives and razor blades in these law breaking practices.

The young boys, many of them less than 20 years old, have been lucky in their operations. Forty days never took long to arrive after a collaborative effort between Lira RCC, Police and other security personnel which resulted into arrest of at least 43 of them.

Also arrested are hardcore conmen trading under the Owuwuk umbrella. Their arrests took place during the operations on thursday morning.

The RCC of Lira, Lawrence Egole noted that some female suspects who are being used by the suspected fraudsters are still at large.

Multiple complaints about the criminals who move in large numbers doing highway robberies were reported to the Police.

For Owuwuk, when they meet a pedestrian or cyclist, they turn him or her upside down for all the valuables in their pockets to fall. They collect it and flee.

There are also cases of injuring those who resist their operations.

Egole has blamed the existence of Owuwuk on poor parenting as many of them are young boys between the age of 15-23.

He added that those who are below 18 years old will be taken to a remand home in Gulu.

By Arao Denis

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