PDM money Launched in Kampala

Minister for Kampala Hon. Minsa Kabanda Launches Parish Develpment Model (PDM) money in Kampala.

The Government of Uganda has so far given out vouchers worth one billion shillings of PDM funds for Central Division in Kampala City.

All the five Kampala divisions will in the coming days disburse funds to the beneficiaries. This was made public at the ceremony presided over by the Minister for Kampala and metropolitan affairs Hajat Minsa Kabanda, yesterday at Usafi Taxi Park.

The Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka said that, following the guidelines issued by the National Parish Development Model Secretariat, KCCA completed the due processes required for funds disbursements including enterprise creation, SACCO formation, trainings and annual general meetings.

Today, 98 SACCOS  have been formed, 3752 enterprises registered with a total of 26,854 beneficiaries in Kampala City.

By Ismail Tenywa.

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