National council of higher Education has today accredited two PHD programmes of ISBAT university to impact Ugandan education in terms of development. Dr. Jane Egau Okou under secretary finance and administration ministry of Education sports launched the accredited two PHD programmes of ISBAT university.
The university was granted the prestigious charter by his Excellency the president of Uganda in 2019.

ISBAT UNIVERSITY has a state of art infrastructure and internationally experienced faculties and having an excellent ray of international collaborative arrangements with reputed universities in business schools and ICT academies.

The vice chancellor ISBAT university professor. K.M Mathew said that ” as university we more than ready to educate ugandans and to add more value through naturing our students to make more research and also as graduates of this programme they will contribute significantly to bridging the digital divide and fostering technological advancements that can benefit the entire society of Uganda at large.”

on the same occasion Dr. Jane Egau Okuo said that” as the government of Uganda we don’t have enough PHDs in the country and if it comes to Education a teacher can’t teach students below their levels of Education therefore is great opportunity to each and every Ugandan to come and upgrade from ISBAT university “. also added that though PHDs is not cheap both in terms of money and time but this is a very critical area in developing the country and with out PHDs a lot will be lacking in uganda like research and the new perspective of thinking”.

Such programmes mark a new era of academic excellence and research innovation at ISBAT university and the entire community of Uganda. the introduction of PHD programme is not merely the addition of a degree but profound commitment to the pursuit of knowledge.

The Doctor of philosophy in information and communication technology (ICT) Comes at a time when the world is undergoing into digital transformation. Technology is shaping people’s lives, business and the society, in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving global economy, businesses face unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the PhD in business and management studies programme at ISBAT university will equip scholars with the tools, knowledge and research skills needed to address these challenges and lead organisations towards sustainable growth and success.

By Ssewanyana Ali

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