They say security is not a one man’s show, but it takes the efforts of everyone.
So the good working relationship between the Police management in Lira-City West Division and the local leaders and community members has led to the arrest of 35 suspected criminals in two days after conducting operations in the areas of Ober ward, Teso bar, Ober Kampala within Lira-City West Division.

On the 26th Sept 2023 a team of Police officers led by the DPC responded to the office of LCI in Ober ward at around 1400 hours where they found 7 suspects had been apprehended by community members on allegations of printing fake dollars.

According to the police, the suspects were immediately taken to police cells in Ojwina Police Station.

In a related development, the operations continued, and 18 more suspects were arrested.

Exhibits like opium’s, sharp objects such as pangas, knives, masters keys, and breaking implements were recovered from them.

Due to the massive arrests and pressure put against the suspected criminals, again the police say they got information on a group of criminals led by notorious criminal Moses Amone who allegedly attacked the LCI executive members in Ober Kampala.

“…However when police responded, the suspects had run away to the office of the City Internal Security Office (CISO), where we followed and arrested 10 of them …”Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga PRO, said.

Okema says all were taken to detention at Lira-City CPS for further investigations.

He says statements have been recorded for compilation before the files are submitted to the RCSA for perusal and legal advice.

“…We pledge to continue with conducting intelligent led operations, but above all appeal to members of the public to support police with information that can lead to arrest of these suspected criminals…”Okema assured the Lira City dwellers.

By Arao Denis

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