Police have arrested a prison warder who went on rampage shooting dead  his wife and a colleague.

According to the Uganda Prisons spokesperson, Frank Baine, the incident happened at Bugungu Government Prison in Kanfunta, Nyenga Division in Njeru Municipal Council, Buikwe District.

“The incident happened when Warder Jacob Otim signed a gun to go for general duties only to head to the sentry where Wadress Eunice Abwo was working and shot her dead instantly,” Baine said.

He noted that on hearing the gun shots, another prison warder, Edward Namanya tried to come to the rescue but was also shot dead by the now charged Otim.

“After shooting the two, Otim tried to commit suicide but failed. He was then subdued by other staff on duty and detained,” Baine added.

According to the Uganda Prisons,  Otim has since been handed over to police for charging before being presented to court.

It has been reported that Otim and Abwo who were lovers and had an eight month old baby had some misunderstandings and these could have triggered the incident.

The incident points to the increased cases of domestic violence in the country.

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