Kiira Regional Police are currently investigating the alleged poisoning of 40-year-old Ismael Kalende, a former resident of Mpumudde cell in the Southern division of Jinja city.

It is reported that Kalende had won a betting prize of Shillings 300,000 after accurately predicting the score of a premier league match between Arsenal and Manchester United.

Kalende and his colleagues had collectively pledged to reward him with the Shillings 300,000 Shillings for his accurate prediction, which favored Arsenal with a score of 3-1.

He received the money on Friday evening and went to a bar and lodge called Lyagooba in Mafubira ward, Northern division, Jinja city, where he allegedly ordered various types of alcohol as his friends cheered him on.

Kalende’s lifeless body was discovered outside the bar during the early hours of Saturday morning, leading to suspicion that he may have died in the bar and his body was placed outside to conceal the circumstances.

The operators of the bar reportedly closed their establishment and went into hiding, fueling suspicions of alcohol poisoning.

Kalende’s body was taken to Jinja Regional Referral Hospital mortuary, awaiting a postmortem examination before being handed over to his family for a proper burial.

His friend, who wished to remain anonymous, mentioned that Kalende seemed happy and even bought a crate of beer for his friends as they celebrated his betting victory. They were shocked to learn of his sudden death.

SP James Mubi, the Kiira regional police spokesperson, said that investigations are ongoing, and detectives are searching for the bar owners to provide information about the circumstances leading to Kalende’s death.

Mubi also issued a warning to the public about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, emphasizing the health risks and the potential for fatal outcomes.

By Arao Denis

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