President Museveni has appointed Mps from lango on the advisory committee on Budgets.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Has Appointed 5 Members of parliament from lango sub regions as his advisors on the parliamentary advisory committee on Budgets PACOB.

 The five members are Bonniface Okot Youth representative in parliament for Northern Uganda, Amolotar Woman Mp Dr Agnes Atim Apea, Samuel Okwir Odwee Mp Moroto County in Alebtong District, Dokolo North Mp Moses Ogwal Goli,Paul Omara Otuke county Mp and Former Koyga North  Mp In Amolotar district Anthony Okello Tango. 

  According to Mr. President, the Appointed members will provide development information draw plans and implement then according to the NRM manifesto to foster development among Households in the sub regions and Uganda at large. 

 While speaking to our reporter, the appointed Mps outlined their values in the committee and appreciated president For the trust and insight observations. 

  Moses Ogwal Goli, Mp Dokolo North said, the appointment to the committee is an eye opener to him and his colleagues to identify and utilities opportunities available to see growth and development. 

 He added that development entails all the different people and entities coming together and connecting to invest funds accordingly in  difference infrastructure, and says government has been allocating funds in the different departments yet with unconnected budgets. 

  Paul Omara Mp,of Otuke county said his appointment will ensure that government funds are allocated and utilitied according to foster development and in the long run, fight corruption in different sectors. 

 Omara added that, setting out priorities and investing funds is paramount if the success of implementation of the Natural Development plan 2023 -2026 is to be Achieved. 

 Meanwhile, Samuel Okwir Odwee, Mp Moroto county Alebtong District said as appointed Members to the PACOB, they will engage with other government sectors while mind, Mapping the key potential flelds and loop hotes with a vision of bringing about development to Ugandans 

  Like the fellow Legislative Agnes Atim Apea, Who also double as the chairperson for the well being and productivity that overseas education, health social issues among others, 

Said the committee will help align different sectors towards the NRM partly Manifesto the
sustainable development Goals and the national development plan while connecting them with the Budget.

Apea said the president appointed the members of parliament from lango region to the presidential advisory committee on budget based on experience knowledge, vision and performance in their respective fields to help advise him draw plans and implement them to foster development.

  Members of parliament okot Youth Northern pledged to work  together with the government with all the capacity granted to him by the president in order for Uganda to appear as one of the developed countries in budget planning. 

 According to Museveni these five members of parliament were appointed based on knowledge capacity, Expertise on developments and their strong zeal of influencing relations between government and it's citizens regarding investment.

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