President Museveni Hosts Muslims For Iftar

His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni hosted the Muslim community led by His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda at State House Annual Iftar dinner April 14th 2023. The President who was reportedly caught up in urgent state duties was represented by Her Excellency, the Vice President Rtd Maj Jessica Alupo. In his speech delivered by the vice President, Museveni congragulated Muslims upon reaching the last part of the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

He noted that the earthly life has both spiritual and material needs where by one cannot only satisfy the spirit and starve the body.

“I wish to use this occasion to rally Muslims to join the NRM’s Wealth Creation Sensitization drive that am currently conducting across the Country. Whereas we can have spectators in sports and theatre, wealth creation must involve everyone,” President Museveni penned.

On his part, the Mufti expressed special gratitude to the President and the First Lady Maama Janet for honoring Muslims by upholding the annual Iftar Dinner during the Holy Month of Ramadhan at the State House. Sheikh Mubaje thanked the President for encouraging Unity among Muslim faithfuls and his continuous support to Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC and cited funds used in the review of the UMSC Constitutional processes and subsequent national wide Muslim elections.

Sheikh Mubaje used the same occasion to voice out the reservation of Muslims concerning the Gov’t poverty alleviation programs such as the Parish Development Model-PDM, saying they violate the sacred Islamic teachings since they are based on interest loans.

“So we are proposing that Gov’t should instead operationalize the Islamic Banking” Sheikh Mubaje remarked. He also pleaded for the long awaited operationalization of the Kadhi Courts as they are provided for in the National Constitution.

He also pointed out the imbalance in the distribution of Gov’t Scholarships at the Public Universities of which very few Muslim Students have been admitted and called upon the President to assent his signature on the anti homosexuality bill and disclosed that some Western countries have of recent denied him entrance Visas because of his stand against same sex relationships.

The colorful event was attended by several high profile personalities from Gov’t, UMSC , Diplomats, politicians, Professionals and Business fraternity. Key among them
was the 3rd Deputy Prime Minister, Hajjat Lukia Nakadama Isanga, Ministers. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Heads of Gov’t Authorities, Security Chiefs, Resident District Commissioners- RDCs, Mayors, among others. UMSC had representation by His Eminence Sheikh Abdallah Ibrahim Ssemambo Tamusuza, the Deputy Mufti, Hon. Prof Muhammadi Lubega, the UMSC National Chairperson, General Assembly Members, Executive Members, Majlis Al Ulama Committee members, Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya, the former Chief Kadhi of Uganda, Departmental Heads,Regional Assistants to the Mufti, District Kadhis led by Sheikh Erias Kigozi, Kadhi of Wakiso Muslim District was the main preacher and, Prominent Sheikhs among many others.

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