Siphoning fuel from Engil company results into murder

The territorial command of Lira-City West Division are investigating murder by shooting on one Opio Isaac and hunting for his colleagues who are at large on allegations of siphoning fuel from Engil company..

The deceased Opio Isaac is aged 31yrs old Lango, driver and a resident of Abuja B village, Adelogo parish Okwerodot Sub-County in Kole District.

It’s alleged that on the 31st May 2023 at around 0230 hours while patrollers were on normal motorized patrol duty in the Lira-City, they received information that there was a blue motor vehicle suspected stolen/carrying suspected armed robbers heading towards the City centre.

Shortly after the patrol team came across a blue motor vehicle whose number plates had been covered these raised the team’s suspicion.

They tried to stop it but instead sped off prompting the officers to pursue it and later discharged warning bullets in the air, but still the driver refused to stop untill the tyres were shot at deflated that’s when it stopped. Three of the people on board of the vehicle jumped out while it was still moving and fled to the nearby bush. On searching the vehicle there was one man who introduced himself as Kiseka Umar a resident of Pipe along Kwania Road a machine operator at motor Engil company and in the vehicle we recovered 12 jerry cans of Diesel and two siphoning tubes..

Later on early morning at around 0740hours the LC.1 Chairperson of Alito camp informed police of a man hiding in the bush. The police immediately rushed there and found one Opio Isaac hiding in the bush with injury. He was rushed to Lira Regional Referral Hospital where was pronounced dead later by 10am.

Motor vehicle with exhibits was taken to Lira-City CPS
The 12 jerrycans of diesel was recovered by the Soco and exhibited
Kiseka Umar has been arrested and detained to help in investigations.

On additional information from the public where Opio Isaac was hiding a store suspected to be having suspected stolen fuel was identified.

The owner of the store one Okello Isaac has also been arrested.
His store searched and 14 Jerry cans full of diesel suspected to have been stolen from the road construction companies/site were recovered with 4 plastic drums, siphoning tubes all taken as exhibits to the police station
We have received several complains of theft of fuel in the road construction going on mainly on the road from APAC-Kwania to Lira-City.
We shall continue with such operations on intelligence. The development was confirmed by SP Jimmy Patrick Okema the police spokesperson North-Kyoga.

By Arao Denis

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