Speaker Among rallies EAC Speakers, stay strong against Homosexuality.

Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Anita Among has urged her counterparts in the legislative assemblies of the member states in East Africa to embrace and emulate Uganda on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, (Amendment), 2023 as a measure to widen the safety net for the moral fiber of the East African region.

In her remarks delivered at the bureau of Speakers of National Legislatures and the East African Assembly convened in Arusha-Tanzania today, Speaker Among indicated that there is urgent need for African values to be shielded.

“As you may all be aware, the Parliament of Uganda, which I am delighted to Chair, passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which now awaits the Presidents assent. The Bill was received with mixed reactions especially from our foreign donors. However, as a People-centered Parliament, we stood for what majority of the populace wants,” Rt Hon Among stated.

She went adding that: “Our culture and values are rapidly eroding, because of the vice of Homosexuality that is now taking toll on our children. It is therefore my humble appeal to you all to join the fight to protect values.”

In virtual remarks delivered while at Parliament this, Speaker’s underscored that the Bill would heavily contribute to the overall target of sustaining unity within the region.

“Our culture and values as a Community is our identity, and it is what affords us due recognition. We must preserve and protect it,” Speaker Among said.

By Namagembe Joweria

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