Stay warned Police is alert ahead of new year celebrations.

As we are all aware that it’s barely hours to the Christmas celebrations, we would wish to remind members of the public that this event comes once in a year with a lot of merry making, excitements, a lot of mobility and also negatively with a lot of criminality from a section of wrong elements within the public.

The security tips therefore are that;
The event organizers need to harmonize with all security components to ensure that the event venues are well secured, those going for shopping should be very vigilant against fraudulent groups who always manipulate their soft targets, those travelling should always prepare early to avoid rushing and escalating traffic road carnage, those preparing to display fireworks should seek clearance from the Inspector General of Police for experts deployment and guidance, domestic violence, defilement, burglary and theft and other associated criminalities are always rampant that need to be countered through timely reporting to the police for intervention, terrorism is real and still a big threat that calls for high level of vigilance.

Upon the above highlights, we would wish to build the confidence in the revellers that the police is prepared enough to ensure that we secure and peacefully police this festive season just like we have done before. We have strengthened our covert and overt capabilities through motorized and foot patrols, civil and military intelligence as part of our combat readiness to secure this festive season.

Finally our CCTV camera Command and call centers are very active that will help us monitor all corners of the City and highways. Members of the public should fully and responsibly utilize the police call center of 999 or 112 to report any emergencies within their areas. Maintaining security is a collective responsibility that needs to be appreciated.
As the year comes to an end, We would like to wish all the people in Lango Sub-Region and visitors a safe and peaceful Christmas celebration and a happy new year 2023. Christmas is a period of spiritual reflection, thanksgiving, harmony,peace, love and Unity.

SP Patrick Jimmy Okema
Police spokesperson N. Kyoga

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