Supected cattle keepers from Kenya storm Northern parts of Uganda


   Residents leaving in lango sub regions in , Northern part of Uganda are leaving in fear after the suspected cattles keepers who escaped from Kenya arrived in the area  without the notice from the district security leader with the intention of grazing there animals. 

  Speaking this morning with our news desk, the Residents District commissioner of Dokolo District Babara Akech confirmed the matter, and said they received a communication from local leaders of Agwata Town council,in Dokolo district where some of this people arrived with there animals. 

Akech added that, as security they are working hard to provide peace and unity among the community to avoid insecurity within the communities.

 RDC, said the  cattles keeper's arrived with more than 300 animals without there consent and local leaders, Meanwhile  she ordered them to leave as soon as possible to avoid disunity. 

 After pressure was put on them by the security  under the supervision of RDC, they confessed to kick start their journey back to Kenya  today. 

 Lastly security appeal to the general public to report any suspicious issue to the key people in time.
 By Arao Denis

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