Suspected 18 stolen motorcycle recovered in Oyam district

Following the arrest of four suspected criminal in Oyam District on the 8th May 2023 on intelligence that they are involved in stealing of motorcycles in the region,

The North Kyoga flying squad team proceeded to Oyam District and join the territorial command in the District, interviewed the suspects who revealed that so many suspected stolen motorcycles are being kept at the home of Ayo Ambrose who is most wanted on series of crime like robbery , theft and others.

Ayo who stays in Obangangeo village.
The team led by the DPC Oyam immediately went to Ayo’s home in the presence of the local leadership and recovered 18 motorcycles suspected to be stolen including a Uganda Police motorcycle stolen from traffic officers in Kamdini, the suspects further revealed that Ayo has another store where he keeps more suspected stolen properties.

Motorcycles recovered includes; UER 688C bajai,  UFE 791J Bajai, UEW 019J Bajai, UFB 761Q, UDY 163R, UEX 435F, UEW 208Q, UFA 917C, UEB 299Q, UEX 110X, UP 3712, UEH 212M, UFF 786B, UFD 093E, UFG 260J and three which were numberless.

The suspects are , Obang Emmanuel 49 yrs old, Engola David 40 yrs old, Adupa Daniel 23 yrs, Owinyi Tonny 27 yrs old all are resident of Acaba Sub-County and Ayo Ambrose was arrested from Arua-City on the 13th May 2023 and the flying squad team went and picked him on the 15th May 2023, all taken to Lira-City CPS and recovered motorcycles for verification of ownership from URA and possible collection by the owners.

We want to thank very much intelligent team in Oyam for breaking through this criminals, we are yet to interrogate them more because they seems a bigger network in North Kyoga, Aswa and East Kyoga region, since we are receiving complaint of thefts from those other regions.

They will definitely be arranged in court once all processes of investigations is complete.

SP Patrick Jimmy Okema confirm the matter.
PRO-North Kyoga.

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