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Bukoto: Light House is the place where genuine Kunga physiotherapists from Rwanda held a press conference to inform people in uganda that ” Autism” disease can be detected and prevented in the young generation particularly in uganda and Africa.
Autism disease is a neurological developmental disorder or disability on people. The disease is not only in Africa but also in Europe.
This genuine Kunga Therapy is an alternative health company incorporated in Rwanda for over thirteen years in existence and over ten thousand (10000) patients have recovered.
The Chief executive officer Mr Gad Kirenga said ” Autism can be caused through birth to old parents or experiencing complications at birth and it can be caused by natural factors like over working by pregnant mothers or even stressed pregnant mothers. He added that this disease can be detected at 18 month of child and by this age symptoms starts to come out before the age of 3yrs and it can last throughout a persons life although symptoms may improve over time.
This company treats the disease with out tablets but use of hands and statistics shows that 100 children 7 of them suffer from this disease.
The treatment can take a maximum of 42-48 weeks for a patient to recover. The company is yet to establish Autism center in uganda like in Somalia or Senegal.
Through the use of this therapy people living with such disability can have their lives greatly improved through increasing their energy levels. Some of the symptoms to identify the affected child is having spine pain or back pain, joint pain and also shoulder pain . And the way to treat it is by the use joint attention therapy and also behavioral management therapy or even to keep them in schools .

By Ssewanyana Ali

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